How do I know how much time I need every week?

Every family and household is different, so while some families will find that an Essential membership plan (3hrs per week) is plenty of time for laundry and a domestic clean, for larger households, this might not be possible.

For a rough guide, here are the typical lengths of our most popular tasks. If you’re still unsure after reading, don’t worry, just choose the plan that feels the closest to what you may need based on your household size. Once you become a member, m-Time will use your first week of service to help establish the scope of what your Moncierge will be able to do for you, and help you refine your weekly routine. Once a good routine is set, you will have the peace of mind that things will be ticking along smoothly in the background.

Domestic Cleaning: As a rule of thumb, a two bedroom home will take two hours to clean, a three bedroom home three hours, a four bedroom home four hours, etc. It is important to note that a detailed clean will usually take 50% more time than a domestic clean. Our standard cleans are domestic, detailed cleans are available upon request and will require you to add more hours.

If you’re unsure of the difference between a domestic clean and a detailed clean, here are a few examples:

Domestic Clean: Surfaces wiped or dusted V Detailed Clean: Doors also cleaned and frames cleaned of fingerprints.

Domestic clean: rubbish bins changed V Detailed Clean: bins are sanitised.

Domestic clean: general dusting V Detailed Clean: individual items cleaned.

Laundry: For most households, an hour is usually enough time for a weekly fold and starting a laundry cycle.

Cooking: We require our families to provide recipes and ingredients for cooking, but we understand that it can be easier for your Moncierge to pick up the ingredient list for you. If the recipe and ingredients are provided, one hour is usually enough. If the Moncierge needs to pick up the ingredients for you, 1.5-2hrs is usually enough time.

Tidying: Depending on the size of your home, a tidy will usually take 45mins. A tidy consists of changing your bins, picking up clothes and toys from the floor, wiping tabletops and surfaces, doing the dishes/loading the dishwasher, etc.


Due to high demand we currently have a 2-3 week turnaround for our Moncierge service. Dismiss