Sarah Agboola (L), and Dr. Yan Ting Choong (R).

m-Time came to life through a desire to support transitions into parenthood. Our founder, Dr. Yan Ting Choong, proposed the idea of Australian confinement nannies at a start-up bootcamp hosted by the University of Melbourne. Choong explained that in Chinese culture, after a woman gives birth, a nanny is sent to her home for 30 days to support the new mother emotionally and physically. This gives the new mum a chance to focus on recovering and bond with her child.

The idea caught the attention of Sarah Agboola, a talent in social engineering and digital communities, who recognised that her skillset could help promote a cultural shift amongst parents and normalise the acceptance of help. Through further research, Choong and Agboola discovered that new mothers with adequate support form better bonds with their babies and have a higher sense of self-worth and that when mothers take regular time for self-care, they are likely to be happier. Armed with this research, the pair reasoned that if having dedicated time for self-care helped new mothers in other countries, it should also be a norm in western cultures.

After a series of interviews and product testing with parents of all backgrounds, Choong and Agboola quickly determined that working parents needed more self-care and desired more time to bond with their children just as much as new parents do. This insight shaped m-Time as it stands today and led to the development of our signature Moncierges, all-in-one personal assistants for parents. Our Moncierges are people who can come to your home and switch between the role of housekeeper, cleaner, nanny and personal assistant with the same flexibility that a parent does.

Our impact vision is to see respite care for parents to become the norm. Our business vision is to be the most empathetic and proactive family lifestyle service in the world.

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