Sarah Agboola (L), and Dr. Yan Ting Choong (R).


Our goal at m-Time is to take care of parents, so that they can take care of their families. Our founders, Dr. Yan Ting Choong and Sarah Agboola, were both struck by the lack of adequate support available for busy parents in Australia.

Dr. Choong felt helpless when trying to find the right support for a friend who had recently given birth. Choong explained that in Chinese culture, after a woman gives birth, a confinement nanny is sent to her home for 30 days to support the new mother emotionally and physically. However, once those 30 days are up, new mums like her friend can often be left overwhelmed as they suddenly have to look after a new baby but nobody is there to look after them anymore.

This idea resonated with Agboola, as she had felt similarly helpless when her father passed away. Her mother was tasked with taking care of three girls on her own, even though what she really needed was someone to take care of her and the household while she recovered from her grief.

Fuelled by their personal experiences, Choong and Agboola spent 2016 conducting interviews and running product trials with people at all stages of the parenting journey. In doing so, they quickly realised that when mothers take regular time for self-care, they are likely to be happier so ongoing, flexible help is what would help parents the most.

This insight shaped m-Time as it stands today and led to the development and launch of our signature Moncierges. A Moncierge is not just a nanny or a housekeeper, but a caretaker of the wellbeing of busy mums and dads. By regularly taking care of the domestic tasks that build up in a family household, Moncierges relieve parents of stress and create an environment for self-care.

Due to high demand we currently have a 2-3 week turnaround for our Moncierge service. Dismiss