m-Time memberships give parents access to our Moncierges and create a space for self-care and family bonding.

Members can use Moncierges on a weekly, twice weekly or fortnightly basis depending on their needs. Each time a Moncierge visits your home, it’s called a session and each session lasts for at least three hours. Members are welcome to add more hours to their session as often as they’d like and are also able to request more frequent Moncierge sessions if they need more support.

Every m-Time member is allocated a Moncierge dedicated to supporting them. Your Moncierge will come to your home and switch between the role of housekeeper, cleaner, nanny and personal assistant with the same flexibility that a parent does. We consider the relationship you and your family build with your Moncierge to be of paramount importance so we do our best to give you the same Moncierge for every session.

The first time your Moncierge comes over, they’ll take you through a consultation then follow a set runsheet designed to give you a taste of the type of tasks your Moncierge can do for you. After your first session, you’ll be able to change your runsheet as much as you like by sending them a message, texting us, or just telling your Moncierge on the day. 

Becoming a member has a one time $45 sign up fee. The fee covers all administrative and processing costs involved in onboarding you as a member and also covers all ongoing consulting, communication and management costs. This means that we are able to offer you constant support, troubleshoot any issues you may have with your Moncierge on your behalf, and ensure that quality is maintained for all of your sessions.

Not sure if a membership will be for you?

We have a two session trial period for all membership plans. For most of our clients, their second session is when they start to feel their at-home stresses disappear, as they’ve had a chance to see just how flexible their Moncierge is and how quickly the quality of their sessions improves with repeated use.

If you decide not to continue with the service, let us know within five days of your second session and we’ll give you back your $45 sign up fee. We’ll send you a text message during this period to check in. To continue or cancel the service you’ll just need to reply.

How do I get started?

1. Select a membership type below, receive your welcome booklet and complete the questionnaire in your confirmation email.
2. Receive a quick call from your Moncierge alongside an email with their bio, their photo and details of your session time.
3. Start your first session!
patch the leaks

  • Fortnightly 3hr Moncierge Sessions
  • Perfect for those in a transitional phase such as expectant parents, parents easing back into work after leave, or anyone who needs a bit of a buffer to help them maintain their routine.

Calm the Waves

  • Weekly 3hr Moncierge Sessions
  • For anyone who needs more head space and regular time to recharge, but has trouble finding the time to do it when they have a busy home and children to look after. This is a must have for all parents.

stop the tsunami

  • Two 3hr Moncierge Sessions Per Week
  • For those who want to maximise their time with their new family by removing life admin. Leave laundry, cooking, and errands to your Moncierge while you bond with your child.


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