m-Time gives busy parents more time for self-care and family bonding.

We do this by providing Moncierges, people who come to your home and switch between the role of housekeeper, cleaner, nanny and personal assistant. Moncierges can be used by families of all types with children of all ages and they are happy to do anything from making dinner and doing laundry to doing crafts with the kids and looking after a newborn.

Our Moncierges are screened, reference checked and interviewed during our recruitment process and they are exclusively available through m-Time memberships and gift packages.


m-Time membership ensures that your family's needs are always taken care of.

m-Time Memberships

m-Time memberships give parents access to our Moncierges, free your brain space for more important things and create a space for self-care and family bonding. Members enjoy Moncierge sessions from only $33/hr, are given a dedicated Moncierge, and enjoy consistent, high quality service that is curated to their needs.


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The perfect baby shower gift.

m-Time Gift Packages

Our gift packages are the perfect way to support new parents. Our packages ensure that mum or dad’s needs are taken care of so that they can focus on bonding with their new child. Every package comes with a Moncierge and a personalised run sheet that ensures that every family’s unique needs are catered to. Adds ons include cleaning, flowers, meals, hampers, pampering, and more.


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