What is a Moncierge?

A Moncierge is an all-in-one personal assistant who combines housekeeping and nannying tasks into one role. Our Moncierges give m-Time members an average of 8hrs a week of time back – that’s a full working day of time saved that can be used to bond with their children and take time out for self-care.

Every Moncierge is: screened, reference checked and interviewed during our recruitment process and they complete a training module once they join our team. In addition, every Moncierge has: Police Checks, Working with Children Checks, Food Safety Certificates and must go through our child safety protocol prior to getting their first shift.

Each time a Moncierge visits your home, it’s called a session and each session lasts for at least three hours. Childcare is accessible after your second Moncierge session.This is because we want our families and Moncierges to build rapport and trust with each other first. For safety reasons, we do not encourage our Moncierges to do housekeeping or cleaning tasks at the same time as childcare, so when you use your sessions for childcare, your Moncierge will devote their full attention to your children instead of completing your checklist.

If you’re ever confused about what type of things your Moncierge can do, the best rule of thumb is to ask yourself what a typical day as a parent is like for you. If it’s something you do in your day to day, your Moncierge can probably do it. If you’re not sure, just send us an email and we’ll review your request. For out of home tasks that require your Moncierge to use a  car (such as picking up kids or running errands around your suburb), the m-Time Uber account will be used and we will invoice you the cost. If you’ll need a car seat, Shebah is another great option.

Have a look at the list below for a few ideas on what your Moncierge can do for you:

  • cooking and meal prep
  • domestic cleaning
  • childcare
  • laundry
  • grocery shopping
  • crafts with the kids
  • making school and work lunches


Who are your Moncierges?

Our Moncierges come from a variety of backgrounds. Some are former stay at home parents who have just returned to the workforce, others are post-graduate students from care and health related industries and others are professional carers or retirees seeking additional income.

As m-Time is a social enterprise, a core segment of our team are recent migrants hailing from all over the world. We work with migrant communities throughout Melbourne and work hard to provide not only career opportunities for these groups, but an opportunity to join our culture of care and build connections with Australian families.

We are an equal opportunity employer, and therefore we match our clients with Moncierges based on competency. We pride ourselves on creating meaningful relationships amongst people of all backgrounds. In addition, we also hire all our Moncierges as employees meaning we pay them an award rate, super, and cover all insurance and workers compensation.

As a mother, working as a Moncierge gave me an opportunity to meet new families and take care of my own family as well.

Marie - Moncierge since September 2017

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