How does m-Time work?

m-Time connects busy parents with Moncierges, all-in-one personal assistants who combine housekeeping and nannying into one role. Every m-Time member is allocated a Moncierge dedicated to supporting them. When you first sign up, you’ll be sent a questionnaire that will let you pre-select tasks and help us match you with the right Moncierge, but you’ll be welcome to change your tasks as needed. Once you’ve been matched, you’ll be introduced to your Moncierge and we’ll add an extra 30 minutes to your first session so that you can get to know each other better. Want more info on the type of tasks you can ask your Moncierge to do? Click here.

How do I get started?

1. Select a membership type below, receive a welcome email and complete the questionnaire we send you. We’ll use the answers you provide in the questionnaire to match you with the right Moncierge.
2. Get introduced to your Moncierge within three weeks via phone alongside an email with their bio, their photo and details of your session time.
3. Start your first session!

Not sure if a membership is for you? No worries! We have an automatic two session trial for all new customers. So if after your trial you chose not to continue with the service, we’ll refund your joining fee – just let us know within 5 days of your second session by replying to the text message prompt. Learn more about the trial, membership costs, and what a membership provides by clicking here.

Choose your plan

You won't be charged for recurring sessions or admin fees until you've completed your trial and opted to stay on board with our service. If you'd like a custom plan, email us on
patch the leaks

  • Weekly 3hr Moncierge Session
  • $45 Joining Fee
  • For anyone who needs more head space and regular time to recharge, but has trouble finding the time to do it when they have a busy home and children to look after. This plan is popular with families who need a buffer to help them maintain their routine.
  • Join FREE until July 31st 2018, use code: “mtimefree” at the checkout.

Calm the Waves

  • Two 3hr Moncierge Sessions Per Week
  • $45 Joining Fee
  • For those who want to maximise their time with their family by removing life admin. Leave laundry, cooking, and errands to your Moncierge while you bond with your kids. This is our most popular plan with families of all types!
  • Join FREE until July 31st 2018, use code: “mtimefree” at the checkout.

stop the tsunami

  • Two 5hr Moncierge Sessions Per Week.
  • $45 Joining Fee
  • For those who want the full m-Time experience. Create an extended session runsheet that has plenty of time saved for custom tasks. This plan is most popular amongst parents who are business owners or busy professionals.
  • Join FREE until July 31st 2018, use code: “mtimefree” at the checkout.


Join m-Time for FREE until July 31st. Use the code "mtimefree" at the checkout for 100% off your join fee! Dismiss