How We Take Care of You and Your Family

m-Time connects busy parents with Moncierges, all-in-one personal assistants who combine housekeeping and nannying into one role. Our admin fees allow us to offer you all inclusive support before, during and after you’ve been matched with a Moncierge. We initially charge $60 for the first month (and will refund this if you choose not to continue) but if you feel the service is the right fit for you, you can switch to $499 yearly (a 30% discount) or stick with the monthly flexibility. We decided to introduce a monthly fee rather than a high upfront placement fee like other nanny agencies to allow for more flexibility – as if you’re away and need to pause the service there are no costs attached (you won’t be charged admin fees or the costs of your ongoing sessions during pauses).

One way to think of what the fee provides is to imagine us as a concierge for your Moncierge – we’ll organise replacements, be there if you need an extra session or last minute additional help, handle the processing of payments, ensure quality control, troubleshoot issues, take care of scheduling and more. But those are just some of the ways we support you and your family throughout your time with us. Click each item on the list below to learn more about how we help.

Access to All-In-One Household Care

A nanny won’t clean your home and a cleaner won’t look after your kids, and even if you were to hire them both you still have dinner, errands and laundry to think about. M-Time will hire, train and match you with one of our Moncierges, personal assistants who combine housekeeping and nannying into one role. Come home to a clean home, fresh dinner and happy kids.


Imagine how long it would take to individually hire a housekeeper. Putting up ads, screening applicants, interviewing, screening again in person. Then imagine doing that again to find a nanny and a cleaner. Not only do our Moncierges switch between roles, but they are vetted and trained by our team and continually monitored for quality.

Moncierge Training

Not only do we take our Moncierges through an m-Time training module, but we also organise resources and coaching in any areas they feel they need more work on to ensure you get the best service.

Household Training

No matter who and where you hire from you’ll need to train whoever is coming to support your family on how your home works. We make this process easier by creating a household manual for you. We will also work with you to make sure that your Moncierge is quickly adapting to the ins and outs of your home throughout your trial period. If you’ve never had help before, we can also help you create a task list for your Moncierge to do for you each visit or you can use one of our standard ones to get started.

Quality Control

As our current families know, we take a hands-on approach for the first few sessions with your Moncierge and are on hand to support you throughout your parenting journey. We will ask you to rate and review your first few sessions, coach your Moncierge to make sure things are done the way you like them, consult on how you can build a routine and we also do in-home visits when required.


Sometimes you’ll need to change your schedule so the original time slot you had with your Moncierge will no longer suit, or maybe your Moncierge has their own family commitment one week so you need to rearrange but don’t have time to do the back and forth. A quick text to m-Time and we will handle this for you.

Rematching and Replacements

Sometimes, no matter how great your relationship may be, life happens and your Moncierge will have to move on, or maybe your needs will change and you’ll need to change your session time from Monday to Tuesday but your current Moncierge can’t make it. Then you’re stuck going through the whole hiring process again. Not if you’re with m-Time! We’ll take care of the rematching process and keep you informed of our progress as we find the new addition to your family. We’ll also add an extra half an hour (at no additional cost) to your first visit with your new Moncierge to give you time to get to know each other.

Ad Hoc Care

Need someone to watch the kids for an extra afternoon one week? Having a party and need more cleaning than usual? Let our team know and we’ll do our best to find a match for last minute requests.


Shadowing (optional rematching add on)

We also offer a shadowing option for all members. Whenever possible, when transitioning between Moncierges, we can organise a shadow – which means that your old Moncierge or an in-house member of our team can guide and train your new Monciege on how your household works during one of their final sessions with you. This means the transition is seamless and has limited impact on your schedule. Shadow sessions come with an extra hour so that there is enough time for training. The service is only $75 and is offered as an alternative option to reorientating your new Moncierge yourself in our complimentary additional half hour of service.


We hire our Moncierges as our employees, meaning we cover their wages, super, workers compensation and public liability insurance. So if ever something goes wrong – we’ll take care of it and you’ll be fully covered.


Say goodbye to awkward conversations about payments and having to leave money out on the counter for groceries. Not only will we manage payroll, but we will also cover reimbursements for your Moncierge if ever they buy anything on your behalf. We’ll just ask your Moncierge for receipts and charge the amount to your account.

Full flexibility - Pause the Service Whenever You Need To and Cancel Anytime at no cost!

With m-Time, you can pause whenever you need to at no cost. So if you need to take a week off your regular service here and there that’s no problem at all, in fact, you can pause your service for up to three months at a time without having to repay the joining fee or your admin fees.

You can pause your service safe in the knowledge that you’ll have a Moncierge waiting for you when you return whether it’s your old one or someone new we will match you with at no cost.

Full cancellations of the service also incur no fee, for more on cancellations, visit our FAQ here.

How much does it cost to be a member?

Membership is $60/month. Your first month is covered by your initial sign up fee.

There are no additional fees until after you’ve confirmed you want to stay on with the service after your two session trial. After the trial you’ll have the choice of a monthly admin fee of $60/month or $499 annually (which is 30% cheaper). To take advantage of the $499 annual option, just contact us via email or phone and we’ll move you across. You can switch to annual fees at any time after your trial period and your membership will be valid for a full year from purchase.

These fees cover everything mentioned above except for the optional shadowing service and the individual hours worked by your Moncierge.

Not sure if you want to commit? No worries, just try our trial and get your admin fee back if you choose not to continue.

Every new family is automatically on a two-session trial. For most of our clients, their second session is when they start to feel their at-home stresses disappear, as they’ve had a chance to see just how flexible their Moncierge is and how quickly the quality of their sessions improves with repeated use. We also don’t encourage the use of your Moncierge for childcare until you’ve passed the trial stage to ensure that you and your Moncierge are both comfortable with one another.

If you decide not to continue with the service, let us know within five days of your second session and we’ll give you back your $60 admin fee. You will only be pay for the hours used by your Moncierge. We’ll send you a text message during this period to check in. To continue or cancel the service you’ll just need to reply. After the two-session trial period, there are no costs involved in cancelling your sessions, just let us know at least 72hrs in advance. For more on cancellations visit our terms and conditions here.

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